I've never been shy about my feelings about the Jade templating language. I absolutely hate it. I think it is weird. I think it leads to moral depravity. I just really, really don't like it. Mainly I think because I find HTML already succinct enough. I mean I get that this:

h1 Foo

is less code than


but my brain just has issues mapping the Jade version to the output. So yeah, I hate Jade. But a while back, due to some legal issues, the Jade folks had to rename to Pug, and who can hate a project called Pug?

To be honest, even before this rename, I'd been slightly warming up to Jade. I still prefer Handlebars but I've moved past "hate" and am slowly warming up to "Mild Distate."

I noticed today that there wasn't a quick testing tool for Pug. The web site says you can open up dev tools and test right there, which is cool and all, but as I had a few hours in the Denver airport, I thought I'd whip up a quick tool. Here's a screen shot of it in action. It lets you input a Pug template and supply JSON data.

You can test this yourself here: https://cfjedimaster.github.io/webdemos/pugclient/