A while back I had the pleasure of reading an early edition of this book, and I am incredibly happy it's out to the public now. "Make 7 Apps with Vue 2" is exactly what it says - a look at creating multiple different types of applications with Vue 2. Each application introduces multiple new things though, whether it being something simple (for some) like working with a remote API to a variety of different UI techniques and libraries. I've known Jennifer Bland for a while now and she is an incredibly good educator. Her book is very approachable and would be appropriate for anyone who has learned the basics of Vue and is looking for some good, and practical, examples of what you can build with it.

The seven apps you will build are:

  • A Pinterest-style gallery (I've been meaning to build something with this UI for a while, so this is perfect for me)
  • A Movie Search app (ditto!)
  • An Administration dashboard (makes use of Vuetify, one of my favorite Vue UI libraries)
  • A Weather app (I've got near ten of these I think on my mobile app, so I love the idea of building one in Vue)
  • An eCommerce web site (with multiple deployment examples)
  • A training video app (making use of the YouTube API)
  • An example of internationalization

In each app, she clearly states what you will learn, making it easy to hop around to what you are most interested in learning next. At nearly 400 pages, you get a very detailed look at each application you build.

As I said, I've already read an earlier version of the book and I absolutely love it. I'm really happy to see it for sale now and it's priced very cheaply - 10 dollars and higher (and those of you can who can expense purchases, go ahead and go "and higher"): https://jenniferbland.gumroad.com/l/CMnHu Your purchase gets you the book (duh) and access to the source code as well.