With MAX approaching much quicker than I'd like to admit to myself, I thought I'd share some cool news in regards to the ColdFusion Unconference.

First off, we have sponsors! Thanks to: Chris Hayes, Kevin Schmidt, Andy Allan, and Mark Phillips. Because of their support, we have the funds to provide lunch for all three days. Of course the lunch will be simple - pizza - but it means we can continue to hang out during lunch without any of us starving to death. (And I may even pick up a 'commie' pizza or two for those who don't eat meat.)

Because of this, I've added sessions to the lunch periods - each of which I think will be really fun. Each lunch session is an open topic as opposed to a lecture. The sessions are:

  • My framework is the best and yours is crap
  • Anyone who doesn't do OO is an idiot
  • I love ColdFusion, but I really wish it could...

Sounds like fun, right? Each taps into things I think have been hot issues lately so I hope we can get a lively fightdiscussion going.

I'll also point out that are schedule is now full. You can see the lineup here. I think we have some great sessions lined up, and do not forget that we are in sync with the MAX sessions. You will never have to sacrifice half a session in one to attend another.

And finally - can't afford MAX? The Exhibits Only pass ($200 US) gives you access to the exhibits, keynotes, and the Unconference (and don't forget there are 4 total, not just the ColdFusion one).