This past Friday I spoke at RIA Dev Shed, a one day RIA-oriented conference held in Salt Lake City. It was organized by Matthew Reinbold (with many sponsors as well) who did a great job and really helped make it easier on the speakers. The conference was very small - around 50 people - which made it a very nice, small, intimate event which I think is a great change from the 'mega-conferences' like MAX. The talks were great and very high quality I spoke on Spry and I've included my slides and code in this blog entry.

I also want to thank the travel gremlins who decided to make a come back. I arrived at the airport and went to the Continental desk. They told me I was on a 'code share' and needed to check in at Delta. No big deal. The Delta representative asked me if I had a "flight coupon." I had never heard of that so I said no. She said no problem, printed me out my boarding passes, and all was well.

Until I went to get on the plane. The Delta gate agent noted that my boarding pass said I needed a flight coupon. I told them that their representative down stairs had said I was fine, but they were having none of it. Luckily there were some phones one gate over... but the lady there kept me on hold just long enough for a) my plane to pull back and leave and b) to tell me, sorry, go to Continental.

So I go back outside security, and Continental tells me that everything is fine on their end, and if Delta had just called, I'd be ok. Of course, the flight they got me on was later in the day, after my connection to Lafayette, and all the flights were booked, so I was looking at spending the night in the Houston airport (and frankly, I'd rather spend the night in a pile of dung). Luckily my awesome wife packed up the kids and drove over to Houston to pick me up.

Any way, I'm glad to be back home with the nice warm weather and the proper beer!

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