There is a First Time for Everything.

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So, for the first time today, I purchased a song a song over the net. I'm using iTunes, which I absolutely love, and the process was extremely simple. For those who are curious, I picked up "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce. This is defintely not my normal musical preference (trance/dance/classical/80s), but for some reason that darn song just does something for me - plus my wife likes it as well.

I have to say - the music industry is an absolute idiot for taking this long to embrace the net. I didn't think twice about plopping down 99 cents for a single.

So, not that I want to cheat, but since you can't get a MP3 from your purchase until you burn to a CD than rerip, does anyone know if it's possible to emulate a CD burner and simply create an ISO? Than I could use cd emulation to read and rip the song to MP3.

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Comment 1 by Rob Brooks-Bilson posted on 10/31/2003 at 7:22 PM

Funny, I didn't think I'd be buying anything off of iTunes anytime soon. Then, just last night, my wife asked me if I had Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love in my collection. She wanted to put it on a CD to take into her office as part of her team's themed Halloween costumes (they are dressing as the Robert Palmer girls). iTunes to the rescue. Rather than driving to the store to buy the whole album (which I couldn't do at 10:30 last night anyhow), I fired up my laptop, purchased, and downloaded the song in about a minute. Now that's service!