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I've had my Macbook Pro now for about three hours, and already I love it. I'm slowly getting it configured with my favorite software (luckily most of the stuff I like, Firefox, Open Office, for example, have Mac ports). The keys are a bit.... weird but I'm sure I'll get used to it. What do I like best about it? The weight. I feel like I have a magazine on my lap. The old Dell XPS laptop felt like it weighed a few hundred pounds. The screen looked small at first - then I realized why. My XPS (also a 15 inch screen) had a large frame around the LCD. The Mac has a much smaller frame around the display. So along with the weight, it feels like I have a tiny laptop now.

Oh... and about the heat. Yes, it does get hot. Real hot. But so did my XPS, and to be honest, I can't feel it right now. The XPS felt like it was burning through my shorts. So far the MBP feels like maybe it gets just as hot, but not in such a wide area.

I love this machine. Obviously my opinion may change over the next few weeks, but this laptop is a dream so far. (I just need to get a short book or something to give me tips on how best to use it.)

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