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This is just a quick follow up to yesterday's post on the session logging demo I showed.

First - David Crowther mentioned that I could cut two database queries down to one by just doing the insert in the onSessionEnd method. I don't think this is such a big deal - but it does make things a bit simpler so I made the change.

Next - Geoff made a good point. He asked if I was sure session.urltoken was unique over system reboots. Using J2EE sessions I'm pretty darn sure it is - but why take chances when ColdFusion makes it so easy to create a unique ID with createUUID()?

For these new suggestions I added three new session variables (id, entrypage, and entrytime), and you can find the code in the Download.

I also wanted to mention something else. When creating your reports, it may be useful to create a simple function to show nicer names for the URLs. So for example, your code could translate /company/about.cfm to "About our Company". It could translate /company/news.cfm?id=45 to "News: Adobe buys Microsoft". This will create reports that are much easier to read.

Thanks to David and Geoff for the good ideas!

Download attached file.

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