Ok, so that may be a bit offensive, but as I'm talking about myself (and was teased about my weight at school), I figure it's ok. For most of my life I hovered around 220, which for my height (six two) wasn't too bad. I considered myself 'comfortably' overweight. About two years back though I began to pack on some weight, and went all the way up to about 255. While I still felt ok about it, I noticed all kinds of weird things were happening with me, including: Killer Poison Ivy, scary pink eye, a strained rotator, and other fun things. Now it probably isn't fair to blame the weight on all of that, it does seem like it could be related. I've been trying to lose weight for a while now, and finally have had some success. I'm down to 235 as of this morning.

I was speaking to Scott Stroz and he mentioned that he was trying to lose weight too. So I thought - why not have some fun with this, and see if we can encourage others to participate. With that I'm launching the ColdFusion Biggest Losers club. This isn't anything official. No web site or anything like that. Just a simple Excel sheet on my computer. (Actually Apple's Numbers program.)

Anyone who wants to join in simply needs to email me their name and weight every Monday morning. Every week I'll blog the latest stats and congratulate the highest percentage change. (And shun like hell anyone who gains, so don't join if you mind a bit of good natured joking.) This is going on the honor system. If you can't weigh yourself Monday morning, just do it Tuesday, or Sunday.

To sweeten the pot, after 8 weeks I'll give a copy of CFWACK Book 2 to the overall biggest loser. If anyone else wants to chip in a prize, let me know.

On a personal note - what steps am I taking? I walk at 4MPH for a bit over 30 minutes every day. I don't run as my knees are pretty bad. I do sit ups and will be adding pushups this week (using the Perfect Pushup system, and I'm not afraid to say I'll be doing "girl" pushups). I've also severely cut down on both my total caloric intake and the foods I eat. I'm eating no desserts, very little fat, and have increased my vegetable and fruit intake. (I'm taking multivitamins as well.) My first goal is 210 and the ability to do about 30 pushups.