Two quickies - Cache Clearer Admin Extension and CFCHART Doc Typo

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Two quick notes. First, the Cache Clearer code I released a long, long time ago (it uses the ColdFusion 8 Admin API to refresh items from the file cache) has been released as a 'formal' RIAForge project: I added some user submitted updates, wrote a quick readme file, and packaged it up.

Second - a user asked me why the markerStyle "letter" would not work in a chart:

<cfchart> <cfchartseries type="line" seriesColor="##FF0099" markerStyle="letter"> <cfchartdata item="col1" value="20"> <cfchartdata item="col2" value="30"> <cfchartdata item="col3" value="40"> <cfchartdata item="col4" value="50"> <cfchartdata item="col5" value="60"> </cfchartseries> </cfchart>

I checked the docs and nothing seemed wrong there. Running the code returned this error though: Marker style not supported: letter

I opened up the chart editor and noticed it listed letterx, not letter, as a marker style. Sure enough - adding "x" to the marker style fixed the issue.

I bumped up markerSize on the cfchart tag to make the markers more obvious.

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