So I'm a bit late to help spread the news, but both Adobe AIR 3 and Flash Player 11 betas have hit Adobe Labs. You can check those links for details, but here are some things I'm excited about...

  • Stage3D graphics - Not that I can do any fancy graphics myself - but I'm real excited to see what game developers do with this
  • Native JSON support - bout time. It's not hard to add JSON support into your Flex apps now, but it's nice to see it built in
  • Cubic Bezier Curves - I have no freaking idea what these are but I love saying "Bezier Curves"
  • Native 64 bit support

This is just for desktop right now but obviously mobile is coming.

The other big news is from Sony. This caught me totally by surprise. Adobe and Sony are running a contest (details here: where developers can win up to $130,000 dollars. Let me write that again just so folks are sure it isn't a typo: $130,000. There's quite a lot of money to give away along with other prizes - all for authoring cool Adobe AIR applications. I have to say - their devices look really cool - and the clam shell/DS-inspired design of their second tablet is fascinating.