I really, really wish I could make this conference. I heard a lot of good things about Scotch last year and had promised myself I'd go this year, but unfortunately, the economy put a wack on that. Anyway, I hope folks consider giving it a shot. Here is some basic information about the conference. Enjoy. (P.S. Anyone know if the TigerTiger location in Manchester was named after the Duran Duran song?)

Scotch on the Road 2009

For 2009, Scotch is going on the road. With the current financial crisis impacting us all, bringing the conference to you makes Scotch the most affordable way to get your annual intake of all things CFML, Flex and AIR.

They have a great line-up of speakers including: Adam Lehman, Terrance Ryan, Andy Allan, Sean Corfield & Serge Jespers .

Over the last few years Scotch on the Rocks / Road has become the premier European ColdFusion conference and once again this year is not to be miss. What ever level of Developer you are there is something for everyone; Price includes Lunch and 2 drinks, plus up to 7 session. If there isn't something that suits you the team have reserved enough space so that lighting sessions can take place where anyone can present anything they want for short amount time. Making this a true event for Developers by Developers in a laid back environment the best and truly only way to learn the SotR way.

June 1st: London, The Sway Bar
June 3rd: Manchester, TigerTiger
June 5th: Edinburgh, The Caves

Munich, Brussels and Amsterdam to be confirmed!

£ 49 - 1 event ($72)
£ 89 - 2 events ($130)
£129 - 3 events ($190)
(+UK VAT @ 15%)