This is just a quick post to say my <table-sorter> web component is now available via npm! My thanks go to Thomas Steiner who suggested I take my little CodePen demo and actually publish it. You can find it at NPM here,, and install it in your project like so:

npm install @raymondcamden/table-sorter

And holy crap - 79 downloads already? That's pretty cool. You can find the repo here,, where I've got a few issues (again, thanks to Thomas) for future updates.

As a reminder, this web component progressively enhances a table so that users can click to sort the table in different ways. You literally just wrap an existing table:

<!-- numeric is optional and lets the component know what columns to treat as numbers -->
<table-sorter numeric="4">
			<td>Domestic Shorthair</td>
		<!-- lots of rows -->


You can check out an online demo here: