I have two upcoming speaking engagements I want to mention, as well as to let people know that I am available to present to your user group (or business I guess) as long as you give me a good 2-3 week warning. I've been doing this off and on lately and I've decided to create a page with my speaking engagements when I release the new design for the blog. So - in the mean time - if you would like to have me speak at your organization, just drop me an email. As I said, I would normally need 2-3 weeks of warning. It needs to be at night, roughly 6PM CST, and obviously over a Breeze account you would set up. I'm not going to do more than 2 a month, so it's first come first serve.

Anyway - my next presentation will be a Spry presentation for the Flash and Multimedia Users Group of Arizona on July 26. It will be on Spry and I'll focus on hooking it up with ColdFusion.

The second presentation will be to the Stateline Adobe User Group. It will be on September 14th. The group is pretty light on ColdFusion so I'm doing a basic ColdFusion overview. Marketing essentially. I should get paid for this. :) Anyway, most of my readers probably would not be interested in that, but I do love to show off the tool I know and I love.