QuickPoll CFC Updated

I got some darn nice improvements sent in by Mark Mazelin. These improvements include:

  • Modified the test.cfm to actually output xhtml code, complete with the html/head/body tags.
  • Updated the test.cfm to remove my e-mail address and put in a generic one.
  • The getXXX methods are now public (where it makes sense)
  • Added the rows and cols attributes to the textarea for xhtml compliance (they are required attributes).
  • Added XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliance by adding end slashes to the input and br tags
  • Ability to send html e-mail
  • Udated error handling to highlight required questions that were not answered
  • Updated error handling to use unordered list and allow a css-styled error box
  • Added label tags to the questions/answers (which also includes adding id attributes to those the input tags)

I also added support for hidden questions and setting an initial value. The idea for hidden questions came from a commenter to my earlier post. It is useful for passing in information about the survey taker.

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