Ted pinged me earlier today to let me know that the first 5 sessions from 360|Flex are available via AMP (Adobe Media Player). You can find more information at his blog post:

Recording 360|Flex - Free Full Sessions on AMP

You can actually install AMP via the badge on the blog entry. Not only will this install AMP, it will also auto-add the 360|Flex subscription. I didn't know AIR installers could do that. I knew they could handle installing AIR if need be, and of course your application, but being able to tweak settings as well is rather nice.

Be sure to click the badge in the middle of his blog entry. When I clicked the badge on the right, it did not add the content, and no amount of searching would turn the content up.

I've got to say - I have not been a big fan of AMP. I find it clunky and slow, and it just hasn't worked well for me on my Mac. I will say though that content like this is enough to make me get over it though. Then again, the content could have just as easily been pushed to Connect probably.