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So, as you know (faithful reader), I recently got a PSP as an early birthday present. The memory stick that comes with it is pretty small (32 meg, although I still remember when a floppy with 1.4 meg was 'big'). Sandisk is offering a good price on a 1 gig stick - but it seems like every store on the planet is backordered for it.

At - they had a pretty darn good price (119), and they plainly say on their page to order now so you can get it as soon as it arrives. Well, I did that last week. On Monday I got an email from them apologizing that the order had not shipped yet. I wasn't expecting it to ship anytime soon, but I went to their customer service form to ask if they have a rough idea of when it would arrive. If they didn't - no big deal - I was just curious.

Surprisingly - I got an email the next day. The customer service rep actually told me I should cancel my order and order it again. This seemed insane. I wrote back and asked why I simply couldn't wait? Then I got really steamed when I noticed the price had gone up. Not by much - but still - it had gone up. So I wrote back again expressing my displeasure (I wasn't rude - honest!). I didn't hear back. SO I wrote a third time yesterday.

Well, today I noticed Dell also had a 1 gig memory stick duo pro - and it was twenty dollars cheaper. I promptly cancelled my order and bought it from Dell.

So just a warning to others - be careful if you order with!

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