CFC Issue to Watch Out For...

I ran across an interesting CFC bug this weekend. I have a CFC method that calls a custom tag like so:

<cfmodule template="/#variables.root#/customtags/coapi/objectgetmultiple.cfm"

When I ran a sample CFM page that used this method, it ran fine, however, when I tried calling the same method as a web service, I got an error stating that foo/customtags/etc could not be found and that I needed to add a mapping for foo. Of courcse, foo already existed as mapping so it didn’t make sense.

After some digging and multiple posts, all I found was another friend who shared the same issue. It turns out that this may be a known bug in CF. When I verify it I will post here.

Now you may ask, why am I wrapping a custom tag call inside a CFC? In this case, the custom tags make up a CMS (Element) that my company develops. I’m working on a demo that utilizes Flash to speak to the CMS so I wanted to wrap up some of the core functionality inside a CFC.

While I can switch my calls to use relative paths, the entire framework depends on the use of a mapping, so this may be a problem.

As I find more I’ll edit this post.

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