A few notes in no particular order...

Leif Wells discovered a new bug last night. BlogCFC allows you to create blog entries in the future. This allows you to auto-public entries at a later time. However, my caching system caches from the current time till midnight. This means there is a strong chance your post-dated entry will simply not show up. There are a few things you can do to fix this. Either disable caching completely, or change the cache to last for one hour. I think disabling the cache completely would be fine, as BlogCFC shouldn't be slow. To disable the cache, just find the scopecache call and change the variable disabled in the attributes to a hard coded true value.

I know that people are still getting "ugly" code when I do code in my posts. I have a solution for that in the BlogCFC 4.0 Alpha. In the past, we would change code blocks before you saved the entry. I did this for speed. However, Ben pointed out that it means you can't return to the original code. This is a problem in editing for example. So, I've moved the "code display" handling to a new method in the blog.cfc called render. I've moved the color coding to the utils CFC. Also, when I send out email now, I remove the code tags, but keep the code in there. It should look a lot nicer. To be clear, this is not done on my blog right now. I'm waiting till I finish the next rev of the 4.0 alpha before I update my code here.

So what's the status of 4.0? You may have noticed I slowed down a bit. I wanted to spend some time on Galleon. I'm also working on a new DRK application for Macromedia. It's possible you won't see a beta till after MAX. To be honest, I'd rather go slow and easy then quick since I want 4.0 to be a "gold" type release. (A release everyone will upgrade to quickly.) I did some more development work last night (see above) and trackbacks are now about 40% in.

As an FYI, I will be allowing folks to download the code once it reaches what I consider a beta level. If things go according to plan (I have a plan??) there will be one more alpha, and then the beta.

Oh, I forgot. So another bug I'm going to fix. Right now, if you start a blog entry and go idle, there is a chance you will get logged out while you are away. When you save your blog entry, it will be completely lost. Because of this, I actually write my bigger entries in OpenOffice now. When I don't, I get real paranoid. I will change the editor so that if you log out, your changes are not lost. You will simply relogin and your entry will be saved.