I don't know about you guys - but Lost is about one step away from becoming a "Must watch right now" to a "Will DVR and watch when I have time." Tonight's episode just bugged me. The whole lead up to tonight's episode was that we would learn the answer to 3 questions.

Where are the kids? Well the guy that Sawyer rescued said they were brought to a better place. We also saw they were alive. Well gee, does that really answer anything? I mean I wouldn't have minded if they gave a good answer and it lead to ten more questions, but that was a complete and utter rip off. I mean I knew the Others have no problem killing people, but I was reasonably sure they had not killed the kids.

What do Jack's tattoos mean? Holy crap was that back story horrible. He is a leader - an outside. I think we already knew that. And even then - when the Other woman, the sheriff, did the translation, he said it wasn't the real meaning.

And the sad thing is - I don't even remember what the third question was.

The only thing "lost" this season is the direction and story telling. They better turn it around or the show will get canceled.