Ok, so I know I said I wouldn't do a quote again, but I'm pretty sure this was in the previews from last week anyway. As it stands - this is going to be a pretty darn short review as this was, almost entirely, a lead up to the season finale next week (which I do not get to watch on my nice HDTV as I'll be in Vegas).

This weeks episode focused on Charlie. I like Charlie - but his past just kind of bores me. All of his flashbacks related to the best memories of his life - leading up to his sacrifice to shut down the Looking Glass - the underwater Dharma station that is blocking all outside communication. While an underwater station has been mentioned before (right?), I don't think it was shown on the map.

Of course, Charlie gets down to the hatch and discovers it wasn't abandoned. In the preview for next week we see him getting beat up by, we assume, the Others manning the station.

We discover what Jack has been up to. Along with Blondie and Crazy French Lady (have I said I'm bad with names?) he was planning a way to fight back against the Others. This plan goes to heck though when Ben returns and moves up the attack.

Oh - and Desmond is convinced that if Charlie sacrifices himself, Claire and the baby will get rescued. Now I think this is an important point. He saw Claire and the baby enter a helicopter. That doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is going to be rescued. And with the show lasting for a few more years, it is highly doubtful. Watch Claire, and Claire alone (I mean with child of course) leave during the finale.