Question for readers: Site Map of a ColdFusion site?

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This email came in while I was in Ohio and I'm really stumped by it. Anyone out there have a suggestion for creating a "map" of a ColdFusion app?

I recently inherited a ColdFusion application where no one is left who knows it from the code. They tell me that one of the things with this app is that when a feature or fix is implemented, often days or weeks later a new error will pop up from that earlier implementation.

I was hoping you could help direct me to a way to create a map of the site, similar to what Visio does, only instead of following href, it would also follow cfinclude, cfhttp, etc, ignoring any conditional statements. Similar to a database model where you can track table relationships with primary and foreign keys, I'd like to create a map of the application so I know how each page or file accesses and is accessed by each other page or file.
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