This year was my second MAX as an employee and was both exciting - and pretty tiring. If you weren't able to make it though there is an easy way to catch what you missed.


Monday's keynote was focused on our product announcements and featured our first hardware announcements ever - Mighty and Napoleon. If you haven't heard yet, Creative Suite is now Creative Cloud. You can find out more at the FAQ or feel free to just ask me.

By the way - the hardware announcements were a complete surprise to me!

Tuesday's keynote was cool as well. It focused on four different creatives discussing their process and showcasing their work.


There isn't a filtered list of the sneaks yet, and it looks like they aren't even all online (there were 12 total), but if you go to the AdobeCreativeCloud channel on YouTube, you can find a playlist called Adobe Max 2013. In this playlist are 6 of the 12 sneaks. Unfortunately, both of the Brackets sneaks are not there. I'm going to do a separate blog post on Brackets and what was sneaked later.


Finally, you can view most, but not all, of the sessions, on Adobe TV: MAX 2013 - The Creativity Conference. Note: Not all of the sessions are available currently. For example, two of mine are still being encoded. (I'll blog when each one becomes available.) But there's quite a bit ready now and some damn interesting stuff there. (And to be clear, some great developer content!)