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I swear... I mean I really swear I'm not trying too hard to push Star Wars on my eldest son. I do talk a lot about SW - and he obviously sees my joy when I open up SW gifts for my birthday - but I do promise that I'm not trying to turn my kid into a SW geek.

However.... this is really cool I think:

This weekend I'm standing in line at Home Depot. Or maybe Lowes. To be honest, I'm not much of a "handyman" so both stores simply morph into "The Blue One" and "The Orange One." Anyway - the whole family is waiting in line while the teenager behind the counter scans our items. All of a sudden - without any prompting from me - my eldest child begins to sing the Imperial March. Not the Star Wars theme - but the Imperial March.

Then - yesterday morning - he comes out of his room with a blanket behind him. He tells me that he wants to be like Darth Vader.

My son - the 5 year old Lord of the Sith. Am I proud? You bet. My daughter isn't so interested in Star Wars - but my youngest recognizes Yoda already.

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