I'm currently planning a 3.5 release. Some of the new features will include things folks have been asking about for a while now, including multiple blogs per DSN and multiple authors per blog.

I wanted folks opinion on another feature. Some folks do not like the UUIDs I use for PKs for blog entries. It occured to me that it would be trivial to add an "alias" column for blog entries. So, when you create a blog entry, you could add an alias, like "cfunnotes". I would then allow index.cfm, the main client, to look for url.alias and if it exists, try to load the blog entry defined by that alias.

However, you would be responsible for setting up your own rewrite rules, using Apache conf settings or ISAPI_REWRITE. That would make the most sense I think since those products do url rewriting much easier. Basically, you, as the blog author, would need to make some pattern, yourblog.com/entries/ALIAS, that would rewrite to yourblog.com/index.cfm?alias=ALIAS. The blog would then take over.

Does this sound good even though it requires a bit of custom work on your part? (Although it would only be one time, and heck, you may even be happy with the shorter index.cfm?alias=ALIAS all by itself.)