Good news! IE7 is now available.

So. Um. Hey Microsoft? You guys just let me know when I can download IE7 and not break my IE6. Because - well - I'm a web developer. Have you guys heard of them? We make web sites.

Anyway - one of the things we have to do - and have been doing now for almost ten years - is develop on different browsers. You know the routine. You write your HTML and then see how it looks in Firefox (Heard of them? They make a cool browser as well.) and then IE. If I can't run multiple versions of IE, it will be difficult to see how my sites look for all of my customers.

So I'm sure you get the idea. I need to be able to run my IE6 and IE7 at the same time.

So yeah - as I said - just drop me a line. I mean, I can't seriously imagine you expect me to install a completely different copy of Windows just to run IE. That would just be insane.