ColdFusion 8: Image Rotate Tip

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I was playing with image rotation last night (I know, call me Mr. Excitement), and I found an interesting issue. Consider this code:

<cfset textImage=ImageNew("",200,200,"rgb","white")>

<cfset ImageSetDrawingColor(textImage,"black")>

<cfset attr=StructNew()> <cfset attr.size=30> <cfset"bold"> <cfset attr.font="ArialMT">

<cfset ImageSetAntialiasing(textImage, "on")> <cfset ImageDrawText(textImage,"Paris",50,75,attr)>

<cfset ImageRotate(textImage,30,2,2)>

<cfimage action="writeToBrowser" source="#textImage#">

I create a new blank image and then draw some black text and then rotate. I end up with this:

Notice the black background? I tried to fix it by using this for my image:

<cfset textImage=ImageNew("",200,200,"rgb","white")>

But it had no impact. Luckily I got some help from Adobe (thank you Hemant!) and he mentioned that if I switch my image type to ARGB instead of RGB, it will work. With that, I got this:

Not bad - but a bit ugly. The imageRotate function takes a 5th argument: interpolation. This basically sets the quality of the rotation. Adobe defaulted to the quickest method, "nearest." Switching to the highest, "bicubic", makes a real pretty rotation, but the leaves some "crud" on the sides:

Of course, I could crop that easily enough, but, still, a bit of a problem. The middle ground interpolation, bilinear, also leaves the same.

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