I just wrapped up my presentation on jQuery to the Alamo Area ColdFusion User Group. For a first run through, I think it went well. I've tried like heck to give new presentations this year, and this was one of two brand new presentations in the next 8 days. I had a bit too much material for the time allotted, so you will see me skip around a bit towards the end to wrap early. Also - I got some feedback saying I should maybe spend more time explaining what jQuery is up front. All excellent feedback. The first time giving a presentation can be both scary and educational as well. So thank you again to the Alamo!

You can find the embedded presentation below, as well as the recording URL here:


Please send me some feedback folks on how I can improve the presentation next time. Also, jQuery team, forgive me for bad mouthing the effects. I'm just not an effects guy. ;) (Than again, I wasn't too pleased with the UI stuff at first!)