So yeah - I've gotten a few emails/IMs/Tweets/passenger pigeons about this today. Apparently is showing something different:


So just as a reminder, I stepped down from managing RIAForge last year ("Status of RIAForge"). The ColdFusion team was aware that the domain was expiring and was in process of moving the ownership (I didn't own the domain name though) to themselves and I guess it just didn't get done.

So... yeah. Not sure what to tell you. Obviously the server is probably still there. I have no idea if they plan on trying to get the domain back or selecting a new one. If you want your files, please reach out to @coldfusion on Twitter. And of course, if you are still doing open source in ColdFusion, you should just use GitHub. RIAForge was built way back when GitHub was still young and not as well known as it is today. I'm real proud of what RIAForge provided, but it's time to move on. (In more ways than one, but I'll bite my tongue.)