Why I love my insurance company (Mega)

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So I know that most folks hate their insurance companies, or if not hate, at least despise. I love mine. Why? When I signed up three months ago, I paid extra to get X covered. (I'm saying X to maintain a bit of privacy.) X wasn't normally covered by Mega (yes, those guys who advertise on TV), but I was saving so much money compared to Blue Cross that I didn't mind paying more to get X covered.

So all was fine and good until a few weeks ago when we got a letter saying that we could only do X on condition Y. Since that wasn't what I was sold, I got on the phone with Mega. The operator said that almost always X demanded Y, but she could see on our policy that the rider was blank when it came to conditions. Hah, I though. There ya go.

So fast forward to this week. I called back to find out what was going on. At this point I'm about 5k in the hole since they haven't paid for X yet. Turns out they are still "thinking" about it.

And now for the fun part. This is why I truly love Mega. I asked, point blank:

Me: So you are considering if you will honor the policy that you actually sold me?

Mega: Yes

You have to admit it takes guts to state out loud that you are considering if you will honor your own agreements. Mega, I have a whole new level of respect for you!

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