Blog 3 Officially Released

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So, it only took me about half a year, but the 3.0 version of the blog is officially released. You can download the blog by clicking the download link in the right hand column, or by clicking here.

This blog requires CFMX 6.1 and either MS Access, MS SQL, or mySQL.

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Comment 1 by Fernando da Silva Trevisan posted on 2/18/2004 at 6:36 AM

Tks for the nice work. :)

Comment 2 by PaulH posted on 2/18/2004 at 3:17 PM

and its well on its way to being i18n.

Comment 3 by markM posted on 2/19/2004 at 12:46 AM

Thanks for putting together a great product! I've learned a ton from your blog postings and appreciate the work you have put into the blog product itself.

Comment 4 by Vaughan Allan posted on 2/23/2004 at 5:16 PM

Hi Ray,

I've been playing around with your blog on a freebie CFMX host, the limitations of which are:
a) no mappings
b) no cffile etc
c) only one datasource allowed

Given this environment, I've tailored it to a working solution, as follows:
a) I've changed all cfmodule calls to use relative paths - yes, my bad. org.camden and org.hastings sit under the blog root.
b) I actually had to pay them to allow cffile (which also enabled cfobject - which would have required workarounds for the java createobject calls in the locale cfcs - which appear to be the basis of the whole locale system)
c) I've added an optional tableprefix in blog.ini which prefixes all db calls if it exists, allowing more than one blog from the same DSN (security issues aside). I've also added a method in the cfc to deploy tables for a new blog. (TODO: not done for all db types)

Very trivial changes, but if any of them are of interest to you (or anyone else), I'd be happy to supply source and/or diffs.

Comment 5 by Vaughan Allan posted on 2/23/2004 at 5:20 PM

Excuse double post - forgot that I also removed the dependency on the webhost's timezone by changing (almost) all calls to now() to point to a udf. It's messy, and there's probably a more appropriate method, but it works.

Comment 6 by Raymond Camden posted on 2/24/2004 at 5:27 AM

Sounds like some interesting mod. Your last mod is something I had planned to do for 3.0 anyway. As it stands, this blog is hosted on the west coast and I'm in the Central time zone.

Comment 7 by Ryan posted on 3/30/2004 at 10:55 PM


What would it take to add CAPTCHA-ing to the comments form. I hear a lot about blog spamming and was wondering what can be done about this and what methods there are out there to utilize CAPTCHA in Coldfusion? Thanks!