I arrived back from CFUNITED, and let me get the obligatory flight update out of the way. In short - it was fine. The plane had mechanical issues in Atlanta, but the delay was only 25 minutes. To me - that is leaving ahead of time.

I want to give big thanks to Teratech for their wonderful CFUNITED conference. I really enjoyed it this year and had a lot of fun giving my presentations. Thanks to those of you who attended and gave me some great feedback. And to those of you who dunked me in the booth - revenge shall be slow and when you least expect it!

Lastly - one more quick book review. For some reason I had never read Ender's Game. I brought it with me on the trip to CFUNITED and I finished it on the way home today. I really do not know how I missed this book for so many years. It's the type of book where when you finish it, you literally feel happy that books exist in the world and that you get to read them. Has anyone else ever felt like that after finishing a good book? The basic premise is that Ender, a very young child, is drafted into a military school to help become a future general in man's war against an alien race. The writing is incredible, especially in how it handles the impact of intense military training on what are basically grade school kids. Definitely pick it up if you are looking for a good read. Now that I've finished this book, and with me reading "I Am Legend" before that, I think I'll go to another classic sci fi book and read "Logan's Run."