Ok, so it's not like I totally fell off the grid the past week, but in case it wasn't obvious, I just took a nice week long vacation in Florida. (@ Hidden Dunes Resort in San Destin, very highly recommended, darn good price and amazing resort.) I did manage to get two blog entries out, but ATT stopped sending Internet data to my phone around Wednesday and with the WiFi there being sketchy (only negative, and let's be honest, it was supposed to be vacation), I know I wasn't around much. If you sent me email in the past week, please give me a few days to catch up. I've got a short business trip on Tuesday so I'll get backed up a little more probably.

Oh, and a big thank you to Joshua Cyr, Ben Nadel, Scott Stroz, Todd Sharp, and Sean Corfield for the warnings/checks/etc on CFBloggers. I'd tell you guys what went wrong, but it was way technical and there is no way I could explain it in a simple blog post. Very, very, very involved. Disk space. Seriously. I let my C drive get filled to the max and that totally fubared everything. Sorry folks!

Oh, and yes, I've got a killer tan. ;) Only burned a bit the first day. I'm more brown now than I've been in my entire life probably. Fortunately I'll 'thaw' back to my normal pale self by CFUNITED.