Late night link/question/Star Trek reflections

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I'm tired so I'm going to combine a few things into one blog entry.

First off - Fusion Authority has an article on the upcoming cfObjective conference. It details a "Manager's PDF" you can use to help convince your boss to send you to the conference. Also, a contest has started with some pretty nice prizes.

Secondly - Jay McConathy asked if there exists a ColdFusion application that would work as an "in-out" board. In other words, something that lets employees sign in and out and let other employees know where they are.

Lastly - the Star Trek experience was pretty cool. I hung out with two members of the local user group. Unfortunately, I've discovered that I can no longer ride those "VR" type rides anymore. I was sick for a good two hours after it. I guess I'm getting to old.

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