Forgive both the lateness and the shortness of this review, but as I was up late at the Palms last night (doesn't that make me sound cool?) I wasn't able to watch Lost until this morning.

Sawyer is brought into a medical facility and has a pacemaker attached to his heart. If he gets too excited and his heart rate goes up - it will kill him.

They bring the girl that Sun shot and ask Jack to save her - but he is unable to.

Desmond is obviously up to something. He notices Claire and her baby and asks her to move down so she can fix her roof. Charlie, who is my most favorite character this season ("I'm handy. I was building a church before Eco blew up.") tells him he doesn't need to help her.

Freckles tells Sawyer she loves him to stop one of the Others (the husband of the woman who died) from beating him up. Since Sawyer can't fight back he gets beat up pretty bad.

We discover that Julliette was a fertility doctor.

In various scenes of Jack in his cell, the intercom lets him hear things, like Sawyer yelling.

Jack tells Julliete that some x-rays he saw outside the operating room reveal that a man, around 40, has a large tumor on his spine.

Desmond builds some weird sculpture and tells Hurley that he is doing an experiment. Moments after doing it - lightning strikes his sculpture. It is like Desmond created the rain storm.

Sawyers back story was amazing. We discover that he conned a guy who stole from the government in order to get out of jail early. However - when given a part of the money, he tells the government official to put the money in the name of his daughter (that he just discovered he had).

Ben tells Sawyer that the never put a pacemaker in his heart, and they were simply trying to put doubt within him. We see that Sawyer and the Others are on a different island within eye sight of the main island.