Searching Spry Data Sets

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Need to quickly search through a Spry data set? Sam Mitchell shared this little gem with me: findRowsWithColumnValues. It allows you to search a dataset for a matching set of column, or columns. So for example, to return all boys from a set that has a gender column:

var boyRows = dsKids.findRowsWithColumnValues({"gender":"male"});

You can even tell the function to return immediately when it finds a match. This is useful for when you are searching by a primary key. Here is an example:

var theRow = dsKids.findRowsWithColumnValues({"id":"1"}, true);

Lastly, you can search by any number of columns:

var leftyBoyRows = dsKids.findRowsWithColumnValues({"gender":"male", "handiness":"left"});

A full example may be found here.

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