This is making the rounds today, so you have probably already read it - but it deserves repeating:

The project is owned and run by the community and we would like to see more ongoing community involvement. To that end we are starting a drive to encourage more people to help out, so we have created a cfeclipse contributors list at:

The idea of this list is to help co-ordinate any efforts to improve the cfeclipse project. Those efforts may be in the form of java development, writing documentation, testing, answering support questions, co-ordinating efforts, fund raising, or anything else that you think would help.

Every so often on the list we will send an email with the same subject line as this one, or something similar. That will serve 2 purposes. Firstly it will remind you that the cfeclipse project needs help and secondly it will help us to track what everyone is doing.

Some of you will no doubt ask why we need another list apart from the ones on There are two reasons. Firstly we intend to migrate away from in the future for a number of reasons and secondly the lists on are catering to two specific groups of people. Users and plugin developers. They don't cover the whole range of potential contributors.