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This is making the rounds today, so you have probably already read it - but it deserves repeating:

The project is owned and run by the community and we would like to see more ongoing community involvement. To that end we are starting a drive to encourage more people to help out, so we have created a cfeclipse contributors list at:

The idea of this list is to help co-ordinate any efforts to improve the cfeclipse project. Those efforts may be in the form of java development, writing documentation, testing, answering support questions, co-ordinating efforts, fund raising, or anything else that you think would help.

Every so often on the list we will send an email with the same subject line as this one, or something similar. That will serve 2 purposes. Firstly it will remind you that the cfeclipse project needs help and secondly it will help us to track what everyone is doing.

Some of you will no doubt ask why we need another list apart from the ones on There are two reasons. Firstly we intend to migrate away from in the future for a number of reasons and secondly the lists on are catering to two specific groups of people. Users and plugin developers. They don't cover the whole range of potential contributors.

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Comment 1 by Tom Mollerus posted on 6/20/2005 at 12:12 AM

Ray, do you use Eclipse for your CF development? I'm still using Studio 4.5.2, and I'm wondering if there's anything better out there for someone who intends to work only with the code (e.g. not Dreamweaver). Thanks!

Comment 2 by jim collins posted on 6/20/2005 at 5:27 AM

I'm wondering why they want to move away from tigris. They seem to show awareness of the question and then evade it. "A number of reasons" isn't really an answer. Tigris is a great open source resource that has contributed a huge amount to the community.

Comment 3 by Raymond Camden posted on 6/20/2005 at 6:56 AM

TOm: Yes, I am. However, I should say, even if you don't like CFE after you try it, I highly recommend you upgrade. CFS 4.52 is quite old. The latest version of CFS is HomeSite+ 5.5, available on the Dreamweaver CD.

Comment 4 by Tom Mollerus posted on 6/20/2005 at 7:31 AM

Thanks, Ray, I'll check out Eclipse and the latest version of Homesite.

Comment 5 by Spike posted on 6/20/2005 at 6:46 PM

Hi Jim,

The primary reason for wanting to move away from Tigris is that the system is so unreliable as to be almost unusable a lot of the time. Checking code in and out of CVS can take up to 10 attempts before it succeeds and historically the website has down or extremely slow about 10% of the time making it difficult or impossible for people to download cfeclipse or get information.

Apart from these issues, the tigris site provides nothing in the way of release management for versions of the software and no tracking or analysis tools to let you know even the simplest information like the number of downloads. Managing project information and updating the site is another PITA because you have to do it all via FTP and as has already been said, the servers are so unreliable that you never really know how long it is going to take to be able to get the latest stuff uploaded.

Next up, you have to sign up with Tigris in order to be able to submit bugs or join any of the mailing lists. That puts a lot of people off and it also means that if we want to manage registered users we need to trawl through the many thousands of Tigris subscribers to find the user we want.

The project management tools and issue tracker are also in serious need of a usability review and branding your own project is nearly impossible.

I didn't think including all that in the email I sent out to the various lists was appropriate, so I just said there were a number of resons, but since you asked, there you have it ;-)