BlogCFC Updated.... 1000 Times

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Today marks a special occasion. No, I'm not talking about the XBox360 (although I can't wait till the truck goes by), I'm talking about this blog. This is my 1000th entry. I've been blogging since February 12th, 2003. This site has generated five and a half thousand comments (and almost all of them were polite - no flame wars!). It has been fun - and very educational. The people posting comments have taught me probably far more than I've helped others - and to me - that certainly makes the time worthwhile.

Ok - so I'm not going to waste this entry being sentimental. I'm also releasing a minor BlogCFC update. This update corrects (yet another) offset bug, updates the trackback spam list, and removes a line left in for debugging purposes. Enjoy! (As always, you can download the application from the project page.)

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