Tomorrow I leave for CFUNITED. I will probably write a few entries while there, but if you contact me personally, I may be slow to respond.

Friday night I fly home and pack up for vacation. From July 2nd to July 9th I will be 100% off the grid. Since I despise "Out of Office" email warnings (they are one step above spam in my book, and I'm especially mad at them now as one list I belong to sent me 13, yes, 13 of them when I posted this morning - if you can't configure your OOO notice then don't use it darn it - ok - sorry), this will serve as my notice. Any blog, galleon, soundings, etc type questions will have to wait while I'm gone. This is the first vacation in years where I'm not bringing the laptop, so I'm sure I'll have a few thousand emails waiting for me when I return. :)

On a totally unrelated note - I got my one gig memory stick pro duo this weekend. I've already placed the final two episodes of Dr. Who on them so I'll have something cool to watch on the plane. Wait, I'm sorry. I meant my friend in England did that - not me. Also, my friend in England tells me that the new Dr. Who is wonderful. It keeps the spirit of the old show, especially in how it doesn't take itself too seriously. On the other hand, there is also a serious thread throughout the series (this year anyway) about the life of the family and friends of the Doctor's companions. I don't think that was ever addressed in the old series. I highly recommend you check it out, even if you didn't watch the old series. (Signed, Bad Wolf.)