Che asks:

Ray, n00b RSS question. I have several hundred RSS feeds not related to blog content, but rather to auto classifieds... how can I tell how many people are subscribing to them? If there are subscribers, I don't see them in Google Analytics. Any ideas would be aprreciated.

Good question. If you are like me, you welcomed Google Analytics with open arms as it meant no more need to parse log files. Unfortunately, since Google Analytics requires a JavaScript file on the page, it doesn't help with things like RSS feeds.

You could go back to simply parsing logs. Analog (a free command line program) has always been pretty good at it. Back when I used to parse my DeathClock logs, it would go through them extremely quickly. (Back when I last ran DeathClock, it got around 4+ million hits per month.)

The second option is probably the easiest - use FeedBurner. I've been using FeedBurner for a while now and it's a handy way to get your feed stats. You can also use FeedBurner for site stats as well, preventing you from having to use both it and Google Analytics.

As always - I'm open to other suggestions here.