This isn't exactly breaking news, but while at CFUnited Express Atlanta, I sat next to Adam Bellas. He works for Full Sail University. He told me about how Full Sail offers a BS in Web Design and Development, which by itself is pretty darn cool, but even better, the server side part of the program is 50/50 ColdFusion and - I forget - some other language that rhymes with pee. The web site itself is built in ColdFusion (although I'm going to deduct a brownie point for auto-play video on the home page). You can find more information about the program here. I've got to say it looks pretty good. I wish this had been around back when I was in college. (My last computer science courses were in Modula-2 and Assembly - guess how much I use them now?) The courses cover everything from streaming media servers and web standards.

Nice to see ColdFusion get some love in the educational space, especially with regards to the movement Adobe has made there as well. (See this link.)