So, I know that my opinions on DRM and copyright are in opposition to many people I know. I even disagree with the founding fathers! I'm quite sure I am nowhere near as wise as they were - but my opinion is very simple. I think you should able to keep copyright on your own works for as long as you want. But I'm not posting here to start a long flame war with my readers about copyright, but to point out a recent Slashdot thread:

To those who cherish freedom, he (Jon Johansen) has been a pillar of hope in an age when DRM (Digital Rights Management) threatens to overtake mainstream media.

When I read this, I practically had an epileptic fit. Let's break this down:

"To those who cherish freedom"

So... if you think DRM is a good thing, or neither good nor bad (my opinion), then you are against freedom? That's like calling P2P supporters communists. DRM, much like P2P, is a technology. Period. It can be used for good or evil. By itself though it is neither. It is funny how most of the Slashdot crowd leaps to the defense of P2P using this argument, but conveniently forgets it when it comes to DRM. Continuing....

"an age when DRM (Digital Rights Management) threatens to overtake mainstream media"

Oh my god, everyone run, the sky is falling! Or maybe it isn't. DRM can hinder your ability to use a product. Last time I checked, however, you didn't have a constitutional right to the latest Backstreet Boys CD or DVD collections of 80s classic TV. Don't like the fact that you can't fast forward past a commercial? Don't buy the DVD. If you aren't aware that a DVD has such a 'feature' (which I agree is sucky), return it. Can't return it? (Most stores don't let you.) Then don't buy from that store.

Don't tell me you don't have a choice. Media is a product like any other. You can vote with your pocketbook.