As readers of my blog know, I've had a few issues with CFPOP lately. Yesterday I ran into a new one. I have a script that checks 8 accounts. For some reason account 4 was throwing an odd error:

Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
This exception was caused by:
javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Not enough server storage is available to process this command.

You will notice the first line mentions a logon failure, but the second line mentions a disk space issue. To confirm it wasn't a logon error, I changed the password and ran the code again. This time I got a message that was very clear about being just an authentication issue.

So I asked around for help, and Dave Watts responded with the following:

Is your POP server running on Windows and/or using Windows accounts for authentication? I've seen this "Not enough server storage" error on Windows in several odd cases. In my experience, when this error occurs, all forms of login may well be broken, and the only solution I've found is to reboot the entire machine (in this case, the machine running your POP server, not your CF server).

If your POP server is on Windows, you might try rebooting the machine running it to see if that makes the error go away.

So, I've sent a note to the mail server admin and we will see if a reboot helps. I'll post more on this as things develop.