Ok, this is officially from the WTF Files. Today I somehow enabled whitespace characters in ColdFusion Builder.

No big deal, right? While I figured I'd have no chance in heck to remember what key combo I hit, I just went into my preferences and disabled it there. Except that....

What the heck? It isn't on. (And while I'm here - what in the hell is "Show affordance..." ?? I mean that has to be the most obscure setting ever. I'm afraid if I touch it a midget will come out of the closet and start talking backwards. In fact, I'm officially calling this the Twin Peaks setting.)

For the heck of it I turned it on and get this - the whitespace characters got darker!

Seeing it now I can tell that more stuff showed up as well, but on my PC there was a marked difference in color too. So there must be not one but two settings related to white space.

Thankfully Bob Silverberg shared the key combo I had hit - ctrl+..

By the way - if someone knows what this other setting is, please share. I know for a fact I'll do it again and I'll forget the key combo again.

Edited @orangeexception on Twitter shared with me the setting. Preferences/General/Keys - there is a Show Whitespace listed there. Now all it does it tell you the key combo. It isn't a preference per se. That seems kinda odd. Either way, if I do forget, which I will, hopefully I'll remember to look in the keys.