Project Updates (and a small little security fix)

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Two recent updates I wanted to share with folks. First, pdfUtils had a minor update. One of the functions in the CFC is a getText command. This will suck out all the text from a PDF. It used to return text in an array, but if a 3 page PDF had text on pages one and three, you didn't have a way to to know that page two didn't have text. I now return an array of structures where each block of text is also associated with a page number.

Secondly, I updated Soundings. There are a few simple bug fixes in there and one small security fix. You are only allowed to take active surveys, so the front page grabs a list of surveys where active is true and showInPublicList is true as well. However, on the page where you actually take the survey, guess what I forgot to do? Check the active state (and the valid date ranges). Nice to know I can still screw up the whole practice what ya preach thing, eh?

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