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Every day I use ColdFusion Builder I like it a bit more. Last night I built out a new extension. Before I describe how it works, let me demonstrate with a video (and once again I apologize for the size - my 30 inch monitor spoils me):

This extension demonstrates how you can hook into the "New Project" action of CFB. In this case I added support for generating a "skeleton" application for Framework One. FW/1 doesn't ship with a skeleton application in the zip. I've logged a request for it - but honestly, with FW/1 having such a small amount of absolutely necessary files, it may not make sense. However - there are some things that I think a typical FW/1 application will need - hence the need for the extension. So what does the code look like? First, here is the XML for my ide_config.xml:

<application> <name>FW/1 Assistant</name> <author>Raymond Camden</author> <version>0</version> <email></email> <description>intro.html</description> <license>license.html</license>



<events> <event type="onprojectcreate" handlerid="projectcreate" /> </events>

<handlers> <handler id="projectcreate" type="CFM" filename="projectcreate.cfm" /> </handlers>


As you can see it has one event defined - projectcreate - that then links to my handler. The handler is pretty simple as well:

<cfparam name="ideeventinfo">

<cfset xmldoc = XMLParse(ideeventinfo)>

<cfset project=xmldoc.event.ide.eventinfo.xmlattributes["projectname"]> <cfset projectloc=xmldoc.event.ide.eventinfo.xmlattributes["projectlocation"]>

<!--- Create the following folders /controllers /layouts /services /views /views/main

Create the following files: /Application.cfc /index.cfm /views/main/default.cfm --->

<cfdirectory action="create" directory="#projectloc#/controllers"> <cfdirectory action="create" directory="#projectloc#/layouts"> <cfdirectory action="create" directory="#projectloc#/services"> <cfdirectory action="create" directory="#projectloc#/views"> <cfdirectory action="create" directory="#projectloc#/views/main">

<!--- copy my _App.cfc (named so as to not be a real app.cfc) ---> <cffile action="copy" source="#expandPath('./files/_App.cfc')#" destination="#projectloc#/Application.cfc">

<!--- copy my index.cfm ---> <!--- FYI, yes, index.cfm is blank, so why bother using a file at all? Well, if in the future stuff goes in there, this will be a bit more future proof. That's my logic for now. ---> <cffile action="copy" source="#expandPath('./files/index.cfm')#" destination="#projectloc#/index.cfm">

<cffile action="copy" source="#expandPath('./files/default.cfm')#" destination="#projectloc#/views/main/default.cfm">

Basically the extension simply makes a few folders and copies three 'template' files over into the new project.

I'm not sure if I'll release this as a proper RIAForge project. I'd like to hear what other FW/1 users think and see if they have ideas on how to expand it. (And yes, I'm also supposed to be working on the Model-Glue CFB extension - sorry - I get distracted easily by shiny objects.) I've included a zip to this entry. Enjoy.

Download attached file.

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