Hey - guess what? I'm working on a book. This time the publisher is Manning, and one of the cool things they do is allow early access to a book. You basically pay for it while it is being developed and you can provide feedback to help improve the text. Obviously you get corrected/new chapters as they come out as well. If this is appealing to you, you can head over to the book page now.

"Apache Cordova in Action" will help readers learn how to use Apache Cordova. As you know, I'm an avid user of Cordova and PhoneGap. Sometimes the documentation can be a bit difficult to grasp. I think the docs are good, but there are a lot of different things developers need to synthesize in order to really get it. This book - I hope - will help tremendously in that area.

Currently three chapters are available, and you can read the first chapter (PDF) for free. The fourth should be released very soon with other chapters coming every two weeks or so.

For your perusal, here is the table of contents. This may change as the book is developed.

1 What is Cordova?
2 Installing Cordova and the Android SDK

3 Creating Cordova Projects
4 Working with Cordova Plugins
5 Mobile Design and User Experience
6 Considerations when Building Mobile Apps
7 Creating Custom Plugins
8 Debugging Mobile Apps
9 Packaging Options
10 Using PhoneGap Build

Part 3: WHAT'S NEXT?
11 Submitting to the App Stores