I like the word Uber. Anyway, a bunch of updates today.

  • Seeker was updated to include the Admin console. This now lets you list Lucene indexes as well as perform searches. You can also optimize and delete. ToDo: Form to add/index a new index. (Also ToDo are the things I mentioned before.)
  • BlogCFC was updated with the latest ColdFish which should fix the CF6/7 issues.
  • Galleon had a small update to the emails sent out to users.
  • RIAForge. What to say? As you guys know, it has been suffering lately. A lot of folks have given advice, and I thank you. I removed the web SVN browser and it seems to have helped a lot. This does not impact the SVN server at all. Project owners can still use SVN. I just removed the web interface to browse SVN. The next issue I had was with MySQL. I was getting a max connection error. Again, multiple gurus stepped in to offer advice. I set a max connection limit in each of the DSNs on the box. So far, both of these changes seem to have helped quite a bit. Of course, it will probably go ape-youknowwhat while I'm at CFUNITED, but I'm hoping for the best.

Any questions, let me know.