A reader asks:

Howw can i make a reload page button with a cfform?

The answer is to use JavaScript. Flash Forms (and Flash in general) can communicate with JavaScript using getURL. This is a technique I use when I want to use Flash Forms to send the user anywhere, like maybe a detail page based on the current record selected in a grid. To reload though we can just use the JavaScript reload method. Here is the code:

<script> function reloadThis() { document.location.reload(); } </script>

<cfform format="flash" height="50" width="200"> <cfinput type="button" name="reload" value="Reload" tooltip="Click here to reload." onClick="getURL('javascript:reloadThis()')"> </cfform>

<cfoutput> <p> #randrange(1,100)# </p> </cfoutput>

The randRange at the end is just there to confirm the page is reloading. Of course, if you want to hard code a URL in, you can use this in your button:

<cfinput type="button" name="reload" value="Reload" tooltip="Click here to reload." onClick="getURL('http://www.cnn.com')">

You could replace the CNN with the current URL of course.

I'm using this technique on a site now where the flash grid lets you click a button and download a file. The URL is hitting a page using cfcontent, so to the user, it looks as if you never left the cfgrid. You select an item, hit the Download button, and are then prompted to download a file. It works great.