AIR gets a logo

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My readers know I'm a big fan of Adobe AIR. I have not had the time to play with it lately as I would like (although I am working on something a bit special with a friend) but I still encourage folks to check it out. Mike Chambers just announced on his blog the final AIR logo, and as we all know, you aren't a product without a logo:

Now a slightly less happy comment. Adobe - when I went to Labs to grab the correct URL for Adobe, I was assaulted with audio. Please, please, please remove the 'auto-play' video. Nothing is worse then opening a web page and having your music mixed with some video content I didn't even request. As we all know, the Magizine-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named made the same mistake. It is rude to intrude on your visitor's computers that way! Personally I consider it the #1 sin you can make on a web page. (#2 being forms that don't keep your old content when you make a submission mistake.)

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