I have a few minutes between meetings so I thought I'd give folks a quick update on my Mini Cooper. If you remember, I had constant difficulties with the machine over the past year. Before that - it was perfect (and fun), but now the car fills me with a sense of dread whenever I look at it.

A few weeks ago, a blog reader contacted me to say he had run into someone from Mini at a BMW Motorcycle club meeting. He passed along his contact info.

So, I called that person, who was very nice, and he promised to look into it and get back to me.


Two weeks later I had to call him back, and of course, I call him on the day he is sick.

So - long story short. I still have the Mini. I still want to get rid of it. And I still think I got a lemon.

I don't think my audience is quite as big as other bloggers, but hopefully I can warn others from having to suffer with the same problems I've been dealing with.